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​As the last female blood mage, many would kill to claim the power surging through her veins.

For years Leila has hidden.
Who she is.
Where she came from.
What she can do.

But the long-lost Princess refuses to run forever. Those she loves lied to her. Betrayed her for a greater good. Even in her absence, she's being used as a pawn in political power plays.

Now, Leila is determined to discover why.

As luck would have it, she has an unlikely ally on her side. Ronan, the audacious heir of a rival clan, feels the need to protect the beautiful, hidden royal any way he can. Despite the strife of their opposing lineages, theirs is a dance of passion and peril, where every stolen glance and forbidden touch sends ripples through their world.

Yet even his loyalty is tested when Leila’s fated calling is exposed.

Thrust into a world she no longer remembers, Leila must fight to discover who she can trust as malicious threats close in from all sides. In a world where the past casts long shadows, Leila will discover that the threads of fate can be rewoven … but not without a cost.

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