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How does one certifiable human survive the Fae?
One dose at a time.

My name is Violet, and I am crazy.
Schizophrenic, to be exact. I see creatures no one else does. Even with medication, there’s no escaping the insanity, so I lie and say I don’t see them.
Until one night, my hot-as-sin customer is one of these said creatures and tries to skip on the bill. Instead of being a hero for stopping a crime, I get fired.
I should’ve kept my mouth shut because now my customer is stalking me. I should’ve called the cops, except he tells me the one thing I’m desperate to hear—you’re not crazy.
Ansel, a Seelie High Fae, says I can see the world no other human can. The more I learn about the Fae, the more questions pile up. Even more troubling is when I catch the attention of the Unseelie, the vicious and ruthless court, and they want me.
Trapped, desperate, and scared, if I am to survive this world, I’ll need to find out the truth about myself, and gather allies in the least likely of places.
The question is: can I trust any of this, or is this another hint of delirium?



To protect the ones you love, who would you be willing to become?
Striking a deal with Alec, an Unseelie High Fae, I agree to follow him to the Fae realm and seek sanctuary in the Unseelie Court. Staying hidden in the human realm is no longer an option if I want to keep Ansel and my mother safe. But revealing my identity came with a whole host of problems.
As the carrier of the orb, I have the power of all of the elements, except they’ve been dormant for twenty-five years. The Unseelie King is anxious for me to learn how to use my powers, but when I learn an ability that should be impossible, I’m no longer the safest person in the Unseelie Court.
Tensions rise as I’m separated from Ansel and grow closer to Alec. Is anyone really as good as they say they are? Or are they all just as bad?



The Unseelie Court is full of tricks.
And it doesn’t help when I’m betrayed by the closest person to me.

My life is unraveling as Ansel brings my mother to the Unseelie Court, using her as a hostage to control me. The Unseelie King thinks he has a hold on me but is sorely mistaken when I go to extreme lengths to get my mother back and gain my freedom.
Trouble is brewing in the Fae realm as I’m not the only one looking for a way out. Fae from both courts prepare to overthrow their leaders, but they need the help of the last dragon to accomplish their goals.
Life’s not easy in the Fae realm, and I’m going to have to go to battle if I ever want to make it home.

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